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Business Products and Services


Call Center Services

Our call center offers extensive expertise with both inbound and outbound calling campaigns, including customer service and collections calling experience.


  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR) capabilities
  • Customized messaging/scripts
  • Tracking and reporting services

Dynamic Filer®

Dynamic Filer is an easy-to-use document management and imaging application complete with robust search capabilities.


  • SharePoint-compatible application
  • One-touch scanning from any scanner or copier
  • One-touch classification and indexing of business documents
  • One-touch search directly from business screens
  • Provides secure managed storage
  • Simple point-and-click administration

Dynamic Payables

Dynamic Payables is a SharePoint-based invoice automation system that integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems, helping  accounts payable departments to lower their cost per invoice processed and create time efficiencies.


  • Reduces invoice processing time by 40% to 60%
  • Automatically matches invoices to purchase orders
  • Manages request for payment and approval processes
  • Manages purchase card receipt association, coding, and approval processes
  • Reduces accounts payable cycle time to capture prompt payment discounts
  • Stores and manages all payable-related documents and e-mails securely in one place

Government Education Loan Servicing

Nelnet has been servicing student loans for the federal government for 30 years. With extensive expertise in this area, NDS is now offering both full-system servicing solutions as well as software solutions for entities seeking assistance with the loan servicing process.


  • Application processing
  • Conversion loan adds
  • Underwriting
  • Customer service
  • Account maintenance
  • Recovery and collection services

Payment Processing

Our payment processing services offer secure lockbox processing for incoming payments, helping to minimize risk and create efficiencies for an organization.


  • Resolve suspense transactions
  • Comprehensive reconciliation and balancing
  • Reporting and documentation support

Private Education Loan Servicing

NDS offers private loan origination and servicing through its affiliate company, Firstmark Services. The company’s services are specific to private student loans (outside federal financial aid). The Firstmark service offering allows lenders to co-brand their programs. Firstmark works with lender partners to gather private loan requirements and customize process flows to meet the specific lender’s business needs.


  • Loan application entry
  • Automated credit decisions
  • Loan disbursement
  • Document management
  • Customer service
  • Account maintenance
  • Remittance processing

Private Loan Application Processing

Our application processing service allows you to process private education loans from initial request up to loan origination.


  • Editing, verification, and credit evaluation
  • Applicant correspondence and document management
  • Web-based customized application workflow
  • Application review and approval decision


TRAX is a flexible tracking and billing solution designed to easily track time for clients, contracts, projects, and tasks.


  • Captures timesheet data for reporting and extracting
  • Web-enabled for entering time from any location
  • Customizable to capture necessary level of detail